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About Us

Get to know our Founders: Cinema Town Studios was established by siblings Manoosh and Arash Nabavi in 2020, each bringing their unique expertise to the forefront. Manoosh, an accomplished film line producer, casting director, and internationally acclaimed photographer, partners with Arash, a skilled IT Network Engineer. Together, their vision was to cultivate a haven for the burgeoning independent film community, enabling aspirations to take flight.

Since its inception, Cinema Town Studios has been a beacon of creativity. In response to the challenges of the pandemic, the team erected a state-of-the-art sound stage in Los Angeles in 2020, featuring versatile sets like hospitals, bars, banks, and cycloramas. Regrettably, in 2024, they were compelled to dismantle the stage due to unreasonable demands from the landlord.

Nevertheless, throughout their journey, Cinema Town Studios has collaborated on over 250 projects, partnering with a diverse array of filmmakers, from major networks to budding students. Despite the current absence of a physical location, Manoosh and her dedicated production team remain committed to extending their comprehensive services to filmmakers.

Manoosh Nabavi.jpg
Manoosh Nabavi Producer and Casting Director

Meet Our Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Our team is a diverse tapestry of talent, weaving together the threads of storytelling, cinematography, direction, editing, and more. Each member brings their unique perspective and skill set, contributing to the collaborative synergy that defines our productions.

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